Blogger, Dreamer, Entrepreneur.

I am Manpreet Arora (Money), 24 years old passionate blogger, internet Entrepreneur. The above three words describe me the most and is where I will share my daily thoughts, my personal experience and tips to make money online. The question “How to make money online?” has been my all time favorite question, which compels me to seek different ways to earn money online.

As I have been into internet marketing for as long as 5 years, the starting days were full of struggle, most of my time was spent only on reading articles. Choosing blogging as a career was really a tough decision keeping B.Tech on shelves as few people also pulled me back to the technical stream. Those people do not prefer to live a life that has challenges, risks, fun and some money. Blogging gives me pleasure and I am quite passionate about it and that is the reason, I switched to blogging.

At present I am managing 20+ blogs which are based upon mainly news, technology, web hosting niche. In the flashback, let us move to 4 years back when I started a blog on hacking (my first step into the online business) with the help of my brothers Jaspreet, Jag and Gagan. At that time I was fresher in the college and a lot of pressure to be was there to get a good college to become a successful engineer. However, my love towards the hacking stuff and attraction towards internet, forced me to start some more blogs.

I succeeded in those blogs which raised me money in three figures (in Dollars) per month. And there was a time (which I can never forget) when Google changed its algorithm and my blogs got penalized. But you know failure is the first step of success. Despite of my Google-banned blogs I tried again and again. At present I am again heading climbing the ladder of success with 20+ producing blogs, affiliate marketing etc. I know I am not the perfect, but a keen learner for new things each and every day.

Some people still believe that online marketing is a fake thing or seems like a temporary business but indeed not at all, daily million rupees are invested by advertisers in India only. Such a huge turnover will learn value of internet marketing to such people soon but gradually.

 My Idol

Steve Jobs

 Favorite Quotes

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

“If you born as a poor that’s not your fault.. If you die as a poor that’s your fault.”

“Time is more important than Money”

My Dream:

One day whole world will recognize me by my name and I will do every possible thing to succeed and to be in hot trends of India. I want to mix up the offline and online marketing together to produce money 10 times faster.

Personal Interest:

Whenever I get some free time, I play cricket with my friends in the playground. Meanwhile I also use Facebook (Facebook Hang out with my friends on weekends, watching movies with friends is in the great time. Feel free to join me on Facebook.

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