First of all- Happy Diwali 2013 to all of you! Since, the Diwali festival this year will fall on 3 November, 2013, the waits of Hindus are over as one of the best Hindu festivals is about to come.

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Diwali is the festival that brings out your good on the evil. You should commemorate all your evil things done in the past year to start a new year. You should always be keen in doing good deeds over the bad ones as per the teachings of Diwali and Dussehra.

Diwali 2013 - things to do

So, why not shed out the fake and irrelevant things like gambling, blasting crackers and partying on the day of Diwali. Rather I suggest you 5 things to do this Diwali. I hope that you will like these 5 things and follow them.

Do 5 Things On This Diwali

Donate a Part of Your Wealth To Poor

Yes! Since the festivals are the symbol of love and celebrations. Guys! We are still quite stable with our income and we should spend some money buying some clothes or gifts for some poor people.

Since, India has a huge number of people living below the poverty line. You should thus not spend your money of doing things like gambling (80% persons waste their whole year’s money collection on the Diwali night).

So, be selective in spending your money on some good deed.

Don’t Bargain with Road Side Shoppers

On the festival of Diwali, the people in India spend so much money on shopping gold, and jewelry. There is a basic concept of buying gold is to bring Maa Lakshmi into their houses.

So,the poor people in India use to make some ‘diyas’ and ‘pots’ of earthand roam around the cities and towns houses-to-houses to make some money on this festival. And I have watched so many people bargaining for two rupees from them.

Common! It’s an eve of festival. Don’t bargain with such people. The people who bargain with such poor people have ever bargained on the bigger showrooms while buying the clothes (Nike, Adidas and others). So, is not wise to bargain for saving two rupees?

Spread happiness this Diwali by doing this task i.e. avoiding bargains with artists.

Do Some Favor to Your Nation

Well, everybody knows that political situation is very harsh in India when there are corrupted Ministers and system. So, guys support that party in the upcoming elections which really has a noble cause of making a better future.

Don’t get in influence to the parties which divide the public of India on religions. Please contribute your physical as well as financial assets to the party who has its major concern for India’s welfare. I am pointing towards AAP (AamAadmi Party).

The party is led by a very educated and talented person- Mr. Arvind Kejrival. The party is working the support of the common people and their money. Support the party by donating funds in cash, material like laptops and mobiles, projectors. Visit the website to raise the money to do favor for India.

Celebrate Diwali With Orphans and Old People

You must have watched the advertisements under the banner of Cadbury chocolates on the season of Diwali. It also provides the message of make someone happy. Guys, what about this idea to visit some old age home or orphan houses to celebrate Diwali with the old age people and children who are neglected by the outer world.

Bring smiles on their faces by taking chocolates, sweets and gifts from them. Fire some light crackers with the children. Light candles there. What an awesome feeling it would be!

Support Life Time Education for a Worthy Child

In India, due to high poverty, the children of the poor families start working in their childhood to support the financial conditions of their family. Some have spark in their eyes to do something special in future for their country but due to the circumstances, they have to compromise.

Guys! Support at least the expenditure of education of such a child. It would be very spiritual helping them. And in right means, you will follow Diwali festival for the first time.

I know the above 5 things to do on this Diwali are very promising and most of you will try doing at least 2 or three of the above. I suggest people to start living for others and then you will feel your life blessed.

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