DreamHost is one amongst the top lineup of the best webhosting brands in the world. This post contains the DreamHost review 2015 in depth and you will get the good guidance if you are double minded in choosing the best web host for your website’s expansion.

Dreamhost is the company that has been acquired by the Endurance international Group just like the other brands. Dreamhost provides so many plans for the users having different types of requirements. It has a range of plans from lower price to higher ones, which have been broadly categorized into three categories: Shared, VPS and Dedicated Server hosting.

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Hosting Plans and Their Prices

Although every hosting brand has three categories: Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting packages, DreamHost has added new DreamPress package especially for the WordPress users.

Shared Hosting – $8.95 pm

Shared Hosting will provide server to the users to save the data of their websites. In this plan, the servers are shared by a huge number of people. Below are the features of this plan:

  1. Unlimited disk storage Space
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. Unlimited domains hosting
  4. Unlimited, full shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP users
  5. Unlimited e-mail accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail)
  6. Unlimited MySQL 5 databases
  7. Debian Linux operating system

VirtualPrivate Server – $15 to $200 pm

Virtual Private Servers are better than the shared hosting as the uptime and reliability is better than the latter. Plenty of VPS hosting packages are available ranging from $15 to $200 per month. All VPS plans include below features in common. They differ in the speed and CPU usage.

  1. Unlimited disk storage
  2. 50GB backups of disk storage
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. RAM configuration:300MB – 4000MB
  5. Unlimited domains hosting
  6. Unlimited full shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP users
  7. Unlimited e-mail accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail)
  8. Unlimited MySQL 5 databases
  9. Debian Linux operating system

Dedicated Server hosting – $109 to $249 pm

Dedicated server hosting provides a private server to the users which are accessed only by that user unlike the Shared and VPS plans. There are 6 plans in dedicated server options offered by DreamHost.

  1. New Moon 2 Plan– $109 a month – Desktop grade CPU, 2GB RAM, 500GB disk space
  2. Half Moon 2 Plan– $129 a month – Server grade CPU, 2GB RAM, 500GB disk space
  3. Half Moon 4 Plan– $139 a month – Server grade CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB disk space
  4. Blue Moon 4 Plan– $169 a month – Server grade CPU, 4GB RAM, 1 RAID, 500GB disk space
  5. Blue Moon 8 Plan– $209 a month – Server grade CPU, 8GB RAM, 1 RAID, 1TB disk space
  6. Blue Moon 16 Plan– $249 a month – Server grade CPU, 16GB RAM, 1 RAID, 1TB disk space

Note: All the DreamHost plans can be bought for the first time using the DreamHost coupon code, which has been shared below.

Uptime Review

Since, uptime is avery important factor, for an online entrepreneur, it is necessary for the newbies to have some knowledge about it. Uptime denotes the time for which a hosting brand boasts of its server working or are in operation.

DreamHost boasts of 99.99% uptime. However in actual, it ends up with 99.5% to 99.6% uptime which is not good for the quality customers. DreamHost has a policy of refunding the compensation of the loss experienced by the user’s websites due to the downtime of the servers. That seems crazy but it is true.


If you have a technical background, then support is of your little use. However, for a non-technicalperson, support plays quite significant role. 24/7 customer support as claimed by DreamHost is not that case, person can acquire a good support if he has problem in business hours otherwise it would be quite painful to get your issues resolved.

Refund Service

Since, every Hosting brand offers a refund service with a time limit; DreamHost has an extension of a week for the money back refund policy. Moreover, two weeks are provided to the new users to use the service and then progress further if to buy the service or not.

Customers Review

  1. Started with shared hosting of DreamHost, found it really affordable and I am still using it to host 4 websites without any issues- Daniel.
  2. Had shifted from HostGator to DreamHost, but the performance was unsatisfactory as per the reliability and uptime. So shifted back to HostGator.

The DreamHost has following advantages and disadvantages as per my review:


  1. Longer Refund policy time period
  2. Free Trial policy is also appreciable
  3. DreamHost coupons for the newcomers are the significant money savers.
  4. Unlimited websites (domains) can be hosted.
  5. Affordable too


  1. The coupons are for the first year only unlike the HostGator brand which offers the billing cycle for 3 years. So, after a year, you will have to pay exact price of the plans.
  2. Support lacks badly.
  3. Low Uptime

So, guys! Hope the above Dreamhost review is helpful to you. If you want to buy its plans, then you can go for the DreamHost coupon, which can provide the 25% discount on each and every plan of DreamHost. So, use the provided DreamHost coupon code and enjoy the service. Comment below, if you have experience with DreamhosT.

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