Want to launch your brand online and want to start the online sales of the product and get the online payment by the buyers? Online e-commerce website is a nice way to reach the desired customers to sell your product and get paid for the service.

So, it is necessary to have a reliable web host, probably the best web host for the E-Commerce website. As compromising on unreliable and unworthy host can make huge business losses for your product. So, the very first setup to start your online business is to choose the hosting service.

Recommended host : WpEngine , Hostgator


This post is basically a guide to the people, who want to setup E-Commerce website. Many factors should be checked before choosing the web host. I am putting some factors into light which when ignored can create losses for your E-Commerce website.

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Important Factors To Choose Best Web Host for E-Commerce Website

Service Uptime

Uptime usually means that for how much time the server of the web host is in operation. In simple terms, for what time, a user will be able to have an access to your E-Commerce website. Many web brands claim to provide high uptime in their E-Commerce hosting packages. But please before purchase, read customers’ reviews regarding the particular’s brands’ uptime and service (customers’ reviews can be found easily on Google).

A constant uptime of 99.8% is quite meaningful. Some web hostsare already offering a constant uptime of 99.99% which is very fine.That means, hosting with one of those brands will lead to less than 50 minutes downtime per month.

So, uptime should be kept in mind. However, the other features are equally important. So, it is recommended to go for all the factors in average rather than choosing a brand for its high uptime only which has below average performance in other factors.

All Time Available Customer Support

Avoid the small and local IT servers to run your E-Commerce website. No doubt, local IT servers can provide good speed, scalability and reliability but if they could not provide you proper assistance during the period of needs, then it is of no use.

As in most of the cases of local IT servers, the 24/7 customer support is not there so if your server goes immediate failure at the time of non-business hours, you will have to wait for the engineer to come on next day and then solve the issues by re-installing the OS on the servers and backing up your files and data. So, the time when the server is sown down to the visitors, is the loss of your business.

So, a readily and professional support facility should be provided by the host which you choose who actually understand your problems and give you the proper solution.

DataBase Support

The database support is the must have feature, if you want to run E-Commerce portal. It should be noted that databases like MySQL will be helpful in storing the products details which you have put up on your portal for sale.Take number of MySQL databases as per the amount of data you want to store on them.

Control Panel and Programming Language

For the customers to access the data and website, you need the programming language tools too. So, it is better to choose PHP as the programming language to run the E-Commerce website’s feature- the Shopping cart which helps the user in choosing and buying the products.

Control panel is provided by every web host but matter of fact is that you should have an organized control panel which manages all the email accounts of the customers and employees.

Must Have SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is very important factor for a person who wants to setup an E-Commerce portal. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which basically encrypts the data (the Card Details, Account Details and Password Details of the users)when the user fills and sends the data by clicking on buying and thus prevents from a hacker to steal it. So, the route of the data when directing from the buyer’s browser to the website’s order page should be highly protected.

Shared SSL (provided by Shared Hosting only) are free but the domain name changes during the transaction showing the username but the customer can get scared during this domain name change and can cancel the transaction sensing the insecurity.

Dedicated SSL are paid when you choose the VPS server or the dedicated server to host the E-Commerce portal. In dedicated SSL, the domain remains same even during the transaction. SSL certificates are provided by the web host itself but it can be bought and configured manually on the server to save extra money if you are starter and want to reduce the setup cost.

NOTE: Shared SSL and Dedicated SSL have same levels of security.

The above are the must have features which should be taken care of during the stup of an E-Commerce business portal. The below are the types of factors which range according to the price, requirement of the space and bandwidth etc. features. So, this generally means that the type of hosting plans to choose as per the needs.

The Best Hosting Plan (Best Suitable as Per Your Need)

Generally three types of hosting plans are offered by the web hosts to host the E-Commerce portals- Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting

For the starters, the SHARED hosting packages would be best as the website needs to be ranked high in terms of the Google. Moreover, there is huge requirement of content Establishment on the website about the products. So, during the setup and initial expansion, the shared hosting packages will be best for the users. Also, the managed SEO should account much while initial setup of the website as you need to promote the website in the eyes of Google and that can be done by quality backlinks, good site reputation and other such SEO terms.

Suppose, the sales have started now and your portal has expanded much in the specific desired audience and it starts becoming busy, it is time to upgrade to the VPS plans. Virtual private servers are a part of the server, which is fully dedicated to the owner (user). So choosing VPS can increase the flexibility, speed and security of the website.

If you have further exceeded the number of visitors and your business has grown to the extreme level and most of time your visitors experience server busy or down problems, it time to upgrade to the dedicated hosting in which you can choose the server configuration yourself which relates to the type of processor, processor’s frequency& cores, amount of memory (RAM and drives) and bandwidth. So, amount of visitors could help you in necessary upgrade or downgrade in the choice of processor details and other aspects in dedicated servers too.

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Ending Note

The best web host for E-Commerce website in the performance including above all factors can be chosen amongst the HostGator, Wpengine and iPage.

Recommended host : WpEngine , Hostgator

So, guys! Now I assume you have plenty of knowledge if you want to choose best web host for E-Commerce website. Even if you have doubts or queries, do comment below.Best of Luck!

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