Eyes are the most beautiful and delicate organ of human body. Eyes need to be protected from any kind of toxic material, heat or harmful rays.

As our world is becoming digital, there is no manual work left for people. All types of data are being stored in our computer databases. Today, what we are going through is purely an internet revolution, there’s a steep increase in internet users within these two years i.e 2012-2015.


People who spent most of their time in front of their computer screen are usually internet bloggers, entrepreneur.
Internet bloggers have to search something innovative for their blog to increase its readers count. So they keep on searching something interesting. Nearly for 8-10 hours, they spent most of their time in front of their pc screens.

Internet users are people belonging to different age groups. Having such a long sitting in front of pc can adversely affect the eyes, so bloggers must take special care of their eyes as there is nothing more important than your health. Some tips given below :

Take Small Breaks

Bloggers must take a break while working, 10-15 minutes of rest is recommended for work of one hour. It is advised to change your posture after every 40 minutes and always change your place like shift from one room to another etc. By this, you will feel a bit refreshed. Walk for 15 minutes as walking increases the blood supply to your eyes.

Today, most of the internet users are adolescents and girls/boys of age 18-22. Internet had taken the place of outdoor games that children used to play in earlier times. Children are usually found in front of pc screens, that’s a reason we see children with spectacles. Many other problems are also found in children like obesity, diabetes etc. Parents must keep an eye on their children that how much of there time is spent on social networking.

Blink Eyes

Those who spent time in front of pc or those who use mobile phones alot, usually face many eyes related problem. The most common are weakening of eyesight, drying up of eyes water because the rays that come from our screens are very harmful for our eyes. It occurs because internet users blink their eyes very little, as by blinking eyes, moisture of our eyes is retained and blinking gives a break to your brain. It washes our eyes with tears that are generated by blinking. Never let your blinking average go down.

Drink More Water

It is also advised by doctors to drink 3-4 liters of water a day. Drinking water balances the blood level in our body and also refreshes us. We see our eyes swelled up a bit when  we work in front of pc screens or we work till late night. Drinking water help in removing the puffiness of our eyes and keep us fresh also. So we should develop a habit of drinking more water.

Manage your Screen Brightness

The screen brightness must be same as your background brightness. If brightness in nonadjustable then you can use anti-glare glasses to protect your eyes from that screen glare. If your screen brightness is more than your background brightness then that can strain your eyes.

Wash your Eyes with Clean Water

Bloggers need to take care of their eyes as they takw a lot of work from their eyes. So bloggers must wash their eyes with fresh water after regular intervals to keep their eyes safe. As washing provide moisture to your eyes and you get more fresh.

Do Some Eye Exercise

Some eye exercises are advisable to cure eyes from any sort of eye stressing. Exercises of few minutes can protect your eyes from any damage. Exercises like blinking your eyes continuously for few minutes or close your eyes for sometime then opening them slowly,repeat it also for few minutes. You can move your eyes in clockwise or anti clockwise directions. Some yoga exercise can also helpful for eyes, you can watch free yoga videos on YouTube too.

Supply Heat to Your Eyes

Another way by which you can revive your eyes is that, while working just rub your palms and generate heat, put those hot palms on your eyes and give them a warm hug. So that they feel fresh. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Get Your Eyes Check up Done

A regular eye check up is mandatory for people who work with computers. As they suffer from weakening of eyesight, if they have then must have their spectacles ready as soon as possible to cease the increasing eyesight. So bloggers must get their regular eye check up done to protect them from any harm.

Take Proper Diet and Physical Exercise

People usually forget everything if they have computers in their hands and such negligence of diet and health can harm them. Work of bloggers is mostly indoors, they are usually found stacked up to their beds or chairs, they need to take proper physical workout done. Bloggers must  take care of their diet, proper vitamins and minerals, take green vegetables, tomatoes, citrus, spinach, dairy products and foods rich in vitamin  A, E, C.