Have you ever read of some hosting company providing you its service at just 1 cent cost? I am considering that you must not be thinking about those cheap hosting brands that provide you 1 cent hosting plans or even free hosting plans just for their advertisement moves.

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They lure you by showing you the FREE banners of the fake promises of good services. However, on those web hosts, your site is not only unsafe but is in big danger as the content is never secure. And if someone attacks your webpage and ha*ks it, your whole content can be made empty within few hours.

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My context of asking the above question was related from the reputed web hosts such as godaddy, bluehost, hostgator and ipage etc. I am sure none of the reputed web hosts will provide you such low cost service. You must have already searched on web. But Hostgator is providing you 1 cent promo code (994off1cent) to acquire an account (with its baby or hatchling plan) for duration of 1 month.

This special hostgator 1 cent promo code 2015 can be redeemed to enjoy the service of nearly $10 for just a single cent ($0.01). For the newbie’s, who are new to the online business, a web host is the most important necessity, which should be selected according to their requirements. Proper selection will show proper results to them.

Why to Choose Hostgator?

I know you must be thinking of this question. Although there are many reasons to choose hostgator, a single reason would be enough though. Well Hostgator has the best customer support in the world, who is there for 24 hours a day and 365 days an year for you.

For the newcomers, it is very necessary for a guide to help them in every step to their start of a new blog and Hostgator serves to be that guide for them. For an example of their service, Hostgator technicians keep their eye over your webpage and if any problem occurs when you are not present to correct it or do not know how to do it, they themselves log in to your account and solve the issues.

This is the advantage of hostgator over the other web hosts. So, I am definitely sure that now, many of you have charged your minds to try Hostgator 1 cent promo February 2015 to start an account. One advantage for the entrepreneurs who have already been using other web hosts services,they can check Hostgator’s service too using Hostgator promo code 2015.

How and Where to redeem Hostgator 1 cent Promo code?

Well this is very easy task. Just visit Hostgator official website and choose the Create Account link. Fill the desired information.

And wherever there is the option of Promo Credit, fill in the “994OFF1CENT which is the Hostgator promo code 2015.

Enjoy the 1 month service with Hostgator 1 cent discount promo code and after 1 month you can continue your account with Hostgator by paying the premium charges ($9.97) for premium service (same service which you can now for just 1 cent). We have also post 25% off hostgator coupon 2014 in previous post, Have a look if you want long term packages from hostgator.

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