Hostgator Review 2015

HostGator web host is standing a good rank in the top 10 companies which provide the web hosting services to the people. HostGator’s President “Mr. Brent Oxley” had started the company in year 2002 in Houstan.

The company has the 7000 servers located at SoftLayer which was earlier known as The Planet. The main cities which locate the servers are in Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas.

Well, HostGator has built up a reputation of a reliable and friendly web host service provides in the previous decade, which has attracted million of users. The domains of the 8 million are the achievement of company.

In this post, I have shared the HostGator review on the basis of various heads such as reliability, price, plans, customer satisfaction and others. Have a look on them. Hostgator provides discount coupons and promos for their customers to grab maximum discount via us, in previous post we have shared hg coupon 2013, with this coupon you can get 25% Discount. 1 Cent promo code for this month & 25% OFF hostgator coupon code 2015 also updated.

The latest feature- CloudFare

The CloudFare is the latest feature which is introduced by HostGator in the cPanel of the users account. The CloudFare is put in the Advanced section of the cPanel as below:

 Hostgator cloudflare

The users will have to signup an account in the CloudFare and thus they would be able to reduce the page load times as the CloudFare connects the users with the nearest proxy server to the visitor.

The CloudFare also includes the features such as Bot and Threat protection and spam comments protection. The other advanced features included in this FREE service are alert of infected computers to the users, offline browsing mode and lower CPU usage.

Already planning to signup with HostGator, you may need to check the price and features of various plans offered by HostGator.

Green Web Hosting

The HostGator has turned to be a green web host and thus is serving for the environment. The 4 million websites owned by the HostGator are hosted over 7000 servers present in Dallas and Houstan which was thus emitting carbon dioxide and causing the environment.

 Hg Green

HostGator thus turned to purchase 130% renewable energy credits (REC’s) thus is reducing the environmental issues and even reversing them.

Web Hosting Plans offered by HostGator

The various types of web hosting plans offered by HostGator are as below:

  1. Shared Web Hosting: In the shared web hosting, the users will have to share a server with other clients. However, on the shared web hosting, the response times and uptimes noted were quite sufficient. Thus despite of giving sluggish performance due to sharing of the server, its performance is quite well. The below are the shared plans offered by Hostgator-
    • Hatchling Plan: The hatchling plan is the cheapest amongst the web hosting plans of HostGator. The hatchling plan offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth over a single domain. The price range of the plan starts from $3.96 per month.
    • Baby Plan: The baby plan provides the unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. This plan provides access to the multiple domains (unlimited) whose price starts from $6.36 per month.
    • Business Plan: The business plan is the costlier amongst the three, which offers the multiple domains. The business plan is for the skilled users who want to acquire unlimited disk space and unlimited band width. The business plan also gives a toll free number service along with the private SSL and IP.
  1. VPS Hosting: The VPS means the Virtual Private Servers which offer the OS level isolation from one client account to the next. The VPS hosting plan gives the users 2 or 4 private IP addresses which will isolate your rising website from the clients which were sharing an IP server with yours and thereby helping you to improve Search Engine Optimization of your website. The VPS plans include the unlimited domains and unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited MySQL Databases. The free Site Builder tool is another service provided by HostGator VPS.
  2. Reseller Hosting: The reseller plans include the users to resell the HostGator services to more users. The HostGator has the Web Host Manager “WHM” which helps the users to manage and provide the customers with the cPanel. The reseller account has the unlimited domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited email accounts, 45000 free website templates and free site builder tool.
  3. Dedicated Servers: The dedicated server is more private to an user than the VPS hosting account. The dedicated server provides the Quad core Xeon processor along with the 8 GB RAM. The Windows Dedicated servers and Linux Dedicated servers.

Technical features of HostGator

The HostGator is providing a huge number of features which help the users in their technical department. Some of the features include the user friendly and easy to use cPanel which installs the scripts quickly with a single click due to the Fantastico Deluxe.

The programming languages offered by HostGator are CGI, PHP5, PHP4, Python, Ruby, Perl, Fast CGI and SSI etc.


The HostGator have the option of mod_suPHP which helps the users to keep their accounts isolated form the accounts of the other clients sharing the same server.

Customer Friendly

The customers are handled quite easily by the HostGator online helpers who are available for the 24x7x365 hours. The 45 money back guarantee and 99.9 % uptime guarantee attracts the customers the most.

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Bottom Line

The HostGator has been thus maintaining its performance and services for their since many years like the uptime of 99.9%. Overall, the HostGator is very good for the skilled users and new comers as well.

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