New to the online business terms and methods or are an established personality, who wants to shift up the data of the website to other host? Either former or latter, both must have heard about BlueHost and HostGator web brands. Don’t you?

At a brief note, I should add that both are the most reputed hosting service providers, which offer various hosting packages to the users. So, if you are really confused as to choose which one of these two brands, then this post can be very helpful. As it depicts the difference/ comparison between BlueHost and HostGator or HostGator VS BlueHost whatever you say.

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I will be showing you the comparisons on the basis of their performance, credibility, scalability, dependability, speed, pricing and reliability. For individual reviews I have already posted in some reviews.

HostGator VS BlueHost

So, starting the comparison between HostGator and BlueHost, the first point is as below:

Plans and Pricings

Both the brands offer different plans. So, here comes the first comparison. HostGator has an edge over the plans variety. Hostgator offers three shared plans, nine levels VPS plans and four dedicated plans.

On the other hand, BlueHost has only single shared plan, single VPS and Single dedicated plan. So, definitely, according to your requirement, the HostGator is offering more plans than the BlueHost. Their plans and details have been provided below in details.

The basic plan of hostgatoris the hatchling(shared plan) which when started with, will cost a user $3.96 per month. On the other hand, choosing Bluehost basic plan- the shared plan of Bluehost, will cost you $3.95 per month.

So, if a person wants to host a single domain, then Hostgator Hatchling plan is best (as hostgator allows a single domain hosting on Hatchling plan) otherwise Bluehost shared plan is better option as it lies between the Hatchling plan($3.96 PM) and Baby plan ($6.36 PM). So, choice is yours as set of features are quite same.

HOSTGATOR PLANS Price per month after Discount BLUEHOST PLANS Price per month after Discount
Hatchling (Shared) $3.96 Shared $3.95
Baby (Shared) $6.36
Business (Shared) $10.36
VPS(Level1 to Level9) $22.92 TO $180.41 Standard VPS $14.99
Enhance VPS $29.99
Premium VPS $44.99
Ultimate VPS $59.99
Basic (Dedicated) $174 Standard (Dedicated) $74.99
Standard (Dedicated $219 Enhanced (Dedicated) $99.99
Elite (Dedicated) $279 Premium (Dedicated) $124.99
Pro (Dedicated) $374

I would like to add that although hostgator has many plans but when talked on the cheaper prices (to whole), bluehost is very cheap in shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting as well.

Credibility & Reliability

Since, I have already discussed that both these brands are very wonderful host providers with a plenty of features and offers. Both the brands are having great reputation over the web. Bluehost is hosting more than 2 million websites. HostGator is hosting more than 9 million domains.

The two hosts have good fan following and incomparable on the basis of credibility as HostGator was launched in 1996 and Bluehost was established in 2003.They have a strong tie in credibility matter.

Customer Support

A user who wants to start a blog is very anxious to know that whether the web host provides ACTUAL customer support (technical and non-technical).To be very honest, both the companies share to have the tags of awesome customer service of 365/24/7.

They sort out user’s problems as soon as user consults them and stay calm and listeners till the user’s websites’ issues are resolved. Hostgator provides the customer support through Phone, Live Chat, Email and Twitter. Hostgator stands first in the terms of customer support with a slight margin and Bluehost offers a commendable customer support through Phone, Live chat and Email.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

HostGator follows the 45 day money return policy. That means if a user buys an account and then decided to terminate it due to some reason then he/ she will have to use this policy within 45 days in order to claim the refund money. If the age of the account exceeds 45 days, the money will not be paid.

Hostgator loses to BlueHost in the hostgator vs bluehost comparison as Bluehost follows the anytime money back policy. That means, you can suspend your account anytime after the account activation and can claim the money payable for the left days.

WordPress Compatibility

Since, most of the newcomers opt for the WordPress software to start blogging, it is to be noted that although both these brands are compatible to WordPress, BlueHost offers more features.

WordPress is bulky software. Both the brands have the options of 1-click installer in the provided cPanel for rapid installation of WordPress on their servers. WordPress itself quotes as the Bluehost to be the best host compatibility with them. So, in this comparison, BlueHost wins.

Features Offered

Both these brands have similar kind of features in their shared plans. The shared plans of Hostgator except Hatchling provide unlimited domain hosting and so as the Bluehost. Both brands share the same features of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, $100 advertising credits, free cPanel, free website builders, free scripts installers and more. Bluehost is winner in shared plans if you have multiple domains to be hosted.

The VPS and dedicated plans of both brands differ by the provided resources, CPU usage and prices. Consult to their official websites for their exact features and respective price matches. I would recommend BlueHost.

Blog Migration (For Non-Beginners)

Blog migration is a service which a host provides to those users who want to join them from another host. HostGator provides free blog migration and will transfer all of your website(s) data on their servers free of cost.

HostGator is winner in this particular HostGator VS BlueHost comparison as BlueHost charges $99 and thus become much costlier.


Performance wise, HostGator wins. HostGator has continuously provided the uptime of 99.99% to its users and thus is on the top list when the performance is concerned. But that does not mean BlueHost has lesser uptime. It also maintains more than 99.9% uptime. So, if a user wants to save money, choose BlueHost.

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Final Verdict

So, finally I would conclude this article by saying few points:
For The Beginners:

  • If you are setting up a website for just fun, college project or any other reason (i.e. a short term basis), choose HostGator hatchling plan.
  • If you want to start a website for your brand’s promotion or to make money online, choose the Bluehost shared plan.

For the Non-Beginners

  • If you have got a good initial startup and plenty of visitors arrive on your website and you want to stick to shared plan, then choose HostGator business plan.
  • If you want to choose VPS and dedicated hosting, then take on any of the brands’ plan according to the needed resources.

I hope, this post will be helpful to you! Share your views below. Also comment if you have questions. Thank You!