Blogging is miss-interpreted as people usually say that blogging is very easy. However, a blogger only knows the hard word associated with blogging. Loose blogging interest could result into the less productivity of your blog.


So, if you are new to the blogging profession, here are some killer tips that can be fuel for your blog’s productivity. Following these, you will be able to achieve your objective through your blog. But first revise your mind with a fact that blogging is not easy. It is a type of business which you are doing online. So, selling or promoting your product should be a talent online and that talent is known as money-making-blogging and the blogger is known as the online entrepreneur.

How to Be a Productive Blogger

Focus in Proper Direction

This means, if you really want to create your web existence, please be consistent with quality content on your blog on regular basis. Your focus should not be distracted by various things. High level of concentration and focus will lead you in productivity of your blog.

Set Short Term Goals And Arrange Them

Since, you have a clear long term goal, that goal cannot be achieved in one go or one day. So, take small but significant steps by setting your goals by dividing the work into various aspects and then working on those goals in a particular arranged manner.

The most important ones are to be performed earlier and the lesser ones should be left for some third party or for later timings. Remember, don’t avoid those lesser important tasks. Make sure you perform those tasks too.

Divide Tasks According to Hierarchy

If you are going to start a company, then this could be the killer most tip for your WordPress blogging. A company has various sections which are dealt by various people. So, make sure you keep that part of the work which would create most productivity for your website. Assign the other tasks in the hierarchical levels to the lower levels as per their quality of work or capabilities.

Remember, every business has most productive portion about only 25%. The rest 75% of negotiations are for supporting the 25% part.

Schedule Your Time

A work done without planning, leads to lesser achievement of the productivity. So a proper planning is must. So, divide your time into working hours, power break minutes, rest hours. Further the working hours should be defined by the tasks to be performed and divide it accordingly. The daily division of the tasks could help you scale your achievements and progress towards your objective.

  1. Put some minutes for checking emails, replying to the queries, replying to the comments, removing the irrelevant information and so on.
  2. Achieve the target of daily blog posts which are to be posted on the blog to be consistent
  3. Take a power break of few minutes (5-10 minutes)after a blog post.
  4. Note down the progress and the tasks to be done on next day after the end of the work hours.
  5. Take proper rest

Weekly Reviews

The weekly and monthly reviews are very important. To make a WordPress blog productive it should be noted that each and every blog post needs to equally effective. Use the Google’s tools to track your blog’s performance.

Find and fix the issues of the less productive blog posts. Strengthen the more productive posts. This way, the weekly reviews would be helpful in increasing your overall blog’s productivity.

Ending Note

So, guys! According to me the above tips are the killer productivity tips for the newbie WordPress bloggers. If you find it helpful, then do hit on the share button for the more people to take benefits out of it.