This is mind shaking question for everyone, who is young and want to earn money. What to make your profession- job or any business? There is always huge interrogation on this topic because most of us are not aware about our talent and for the people having some specific talent have nobody to guide them? So what is the conclusion? As far my opinions are concerned, I think business is far better than job because if you have learned the skills to sell the product, it is sure that you will succeed in business and at that time, you need not to do job in some company or organization for earning money.

 These days, everything is a product; even providing education is also a business. If you are expert in any one of them, then the business is the best thing. In business, you are the boss. Let me explain some experienced things over the Online and Offline business life.

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Disclaimer: When talking about having your own business, I am only referring to a real business—not the fake and motivating get-rich-quick businesses. Also, I do not consider Amway or any MLM to be your business, which demands field work or members to be created for success and growth.

Now, Indian students should leave their mentality of earning money with a package of Rs.25000, Rs.50000, Rs.100000 or more per month just by doing only job from 9-6. If you want to do job just for learning experience and enhancing your skills, then doing job is better choice but I recommend not depending on jobs. Start to make customers because your income potential is unlimited in your own business.

As my personal point of view, I did not want to do job since I entered the college in year 2009. I wanted and still want to be my own boss. And thus I made continuous efforts in the last three years to support my business while my fellow mates were busy in scoring position in the university to become the strongest contenders to get a professional job.


Some of the advantages of self-business over salaried professional jobs are as follows:

Salaried Professional: Fixed salary and linear growth every year

Business: Exponential growth with 10x to 100x factor


Salaried Professional: Work for fixed time everyday like 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Business: Enjoy the luxury of flexibility of working according to your needs


Salaried Professional: Bounded by rules of the company or the boss.

Business: You are your own boss in the business, so there are no rules to be broken.


Salaried Professional: Thinking of retirement will not be less than at least 60years

Business: Can think of getting retired at the age of 40 to 50 years after bagging a huge amount.


Salaried Professional: Answer or support each and every mistake regarding your work

Business: No one to answer as you are your own boss.


So, with an ending note, a business is definitely better that offers more freedom in terms of improvement, growth and for better social status though above as per my experience.

But always keep in mind that if you want to stand your own business, you must need to have some experience. Even I got about 2-3 years to develop my business which now is quite fruity with fewer efforts. Failing at some points, losses and benefits are the part of businessman’s life. So never get discouraged or get overwhelmed.

This article is just based on my experience. You must need to research more on yourself. Please tell your views about your thinking and views? Always feel free to ask your relevant queries!

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