NOTE: This post has been written for the purpose of conveying a message to central government as well as the state governments regarding the stolen and found objects.

Friends! Before starting, I would like to ask a single question to all- Have you ever experienced the process after your vehicle (bike or car) was stolen? If Yes! Then you will already know my pain and the theme of this post.

For those who have not experienced such incidents, BEWARE!

I am a resident of a small village KotIse Khan, Moga District, Punjab state. Previous year, when people were celebrating the festival Dussehra2013 on 13 October,I was searching for my bike in the village. It was a Hero Splendor bike with number PB 29 K 6751. Though bike was not of much price value, but it was close to my heart.

I had gone to visit one of my friend at his home and in few minutes my bike was stolen by infiltrator.And I was shocked! May be the thief was very clever. Maybe he was tracking me for previous few days and got a chance to steal my bike. Many such ideas were floating in my mind, when I,with the help of my few friends, was searching for the bike in the whole village.

However, my surveillance team was not enough to find the bike. After 1 hour we went to the police station for the registration of complaint against an anonymous. As you know in India, after FIR is lodged, the complainant is 90% sure that he will not get back his vehicle but is assured by one fact that in future if someone uses his bike for crime, then the FIR will save him.

Till then as per the information of some found bikes as I read in newspaper (I was not informed by any police authority), I had visit so many police stations in Moga, Ferozepur, Ludhiana and almost all big cities in Punjab but all in vain. It was like I am wasting the money. Everytime,I had to manually visit the places and check the details of each and every bike by comparing my bike’s VIN number (chassis number and Engine number) with the VIN number of the found bikes.

Resting my case aside, questions arose in my mind that every day in India, so many bikes and vehicles are stolen and since the most of Indians cannot afford an immediate vehicle purchase, a lot of inconvenience has to be faced by them.

I have seen so many vehicles outside the police stations, which are either rusted or their parts are sold by the policemen at rates of scrap to the knackers. So, if vehicle found too, they are not properly delivered to the owner. Suppose, if a vehicle of Punjab is found in Uttar Pradesh, the police officials give advertisement in local newspaper whose area is limited to few kilometers. And the information is unable to reach the owner of the vehicle.

India is a republic nation and our Constitution is FOR THE PEOPLE. What is use of the government if people are facing inconvenience? The reasons for the people’s inconvenience can be either the lack of the state and the central government coordination, or poor governing and executive bodies at police level, or lack of a transparent system.

Kejriwal vs Congress

So, all these problems should have a proper solution. So, according to my opinion I have solutions to the problems related to the stolen and found objects. Hope you will appreciate my ideology.

Since, India is trending towards so much online existence that it competes with US in terms of active internet usage, why not all the governmental bodies have an active online system of complaint registration, the progress of the complaint, the investigation undergone regarding the complaint and the results.

It is just due to the lack of awareness or the carelessness of the government. There should be particular hierarchy from village level to district level, then to state level and then to the Central level. There should be a single portal (website) which should be sub-categorized by state wise, then district wise, then city wise and then village wise. The data regarding lost, stolen and found objects from each and every village, city, district and state should be uploaded on daily basis on that portal.

The found and stolen objects should be uploaded with their particulars (like VIN number in case of vehicles) so that the victims could browse through the database and find out where their stolen object has been kept by the police. So, it would be very easy for the person to go to that particular police station and get his stolen or lost object back by producing the necessary documents. Isn’t it easy for the government to start such kind of projects for the convenience of the public?Everything would be organized then.

Similar kind of system can be adopted by the police department for the other things too like a found purse or mobile or jewelry or laptop or tablet or any other valuable product.

So, guys, Let me know what is your point of view regarding this idea.If this message reaches to some higher authority, I request them to think over and take necessary actions. Also if you have more ideas in this context, then do comment below. This article has a public importance.

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