Teen years are the best part of our life. We are old enough to understand all the dirty secrets of society, yet we live royal life on our parents money.When we see a beautiful girl passing by, we don’t even think before jumping in front of her,  just to ask her name And the best part is teen years are full of love and crushes.

Remember the day, you saw him/her for the first time when you were 15, the most wonderful person you could ever have in your life. The love at first sight! Then the nervous few months before you bundled up the strength to ask them to be your love. And the awesome feeling when they say “I love you”.

The time after those three words is the most wonderful time of your life. All those moments spent loving each other. Completing sentences for each other. Ah! And knowing what they like. Perfect streak of birthdays and anniversaries. You are so much in love that you want to spend all loving moments with them. And in few months (years for few miserable ones), you realize that that was not the right person. They fell in love too quickly. Now they are falling out if it and the fall is hurting them really bad.

You realize that was not the right person, Most of the break-ups happen between the age of 15 and 25. Before 15, we are too young and don’t have enough time for reaching the break up points from our mistakes. And after 25, we just learn from our mistake and prefer one night stands. Now the question is why we have to go through the ordeal. We should blame the Disney stories I say. As children, Disney taught us to fall in love with strangers. The reasons to fall in love are many but not love. As teenagers we are so excited with the movies and cartoons we watch and we want our life just like that. If not that, “all my other friends have Girlfriends”.  As we grow up, love becomes the cure for loneliness.

We always wonder why it didn’t work out. It didn’t work out because it was not meant to be! It’s not your or their fault, people fall in and out of love too fast in the current age. What’s important is how you handle your life after break-up. People have different ways to come out of it, some kill themselves and some kill others.I am talking about cases which are not implied by the last sentence literally. Some of the broken hearts keep themselves depressed more than they deserve and other go on their own heart breaking spree. The loner lovers get limited to themselves and live in their misery and other hunt for new hearts. In the second case there are more cases of them just hurting more people than finding peace to them.

Love is hard, but still we love the idea of love. So do you want to fall in love? And are the killer or the dead one?

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