Happy Diwali

So, Guys! Diwali is arriving or rather the ‘Festival of Lights’ season has already started. Diwali shopping is on the final touches. It’s Diwali fever all over the India. So, what are your plans on this Diwali 2013 ?

Most of you will give an immediate answer that I am going to party with my friends, relatives or others. Others will say, we will be going to crack the crackers. But is this relevant: wasting money for some fun and causing harm to the environment?

In our school lives, we used to learn and write Diwali essays with a special mentioned point –Spend money on good deeds rather than wasting it on crackers. I support that point and want to put some light on the basic lesson which Diwali teaches us. Diwali has the lesson of Good’s win over the evil when lord Rama had killed Ravana and had come back after his exile of 14 years.

Every year Diwali comes and we know the reason of its celebration, but we are so much indulged in modern trends of celebrating Diwali that we forget to apply the basic teachings of the festival i.e. doing a good deed ACTUALLY!

Happy Diwali 2013

So, guys I am going to apply the basic concept this year and I am sharing my plans on this Diwali. Hope some or all of you will inspire and do the same.

India is suffering from the greatest disease ever- CORRUPTION. Yes! Corruption, which has spoiled whole system of India. So, my perspective is that why not we start an initiative on this Diwali to reduce or completely remove the corruption from our country as a future planning to our coming generations (specifically the upcoming Diwali gift to them).

The best way to remove corruption from the system (which I released) is to support a party which is against the corruption. AAM AADMI PARTY! Aam Aadmi Party which is led by Mr. Arvind Kejrival (former Income Tax Inspector). He resigned from his job due to the corrupted system. He was also the main source of the facts used in the Anna Hazare’s movement for the LOKPAL BILL.

I am going to fund the Aam Aadmi Party this Diwali by donating the money to them As much as i can rather to waste money on Fire crackers. Aam Aadmi Party was declared by Arvind Kejrival when the government refused to pass the Lokpal Bill and challenged the Lokpal Bill supporters to come into politics.

It’s not a party of Arvind Kejrival, it is a party of a common man, a person who is fed up of the two main Parties of India- The Congress and The BJP. I would now ask you a very simple question? People gather in a rally addressed by the prime Ministerial candidates of the Congress and BJP and get attached to them with their talent of delivering lectures or speeches. Common guys! Give a chance to the educated one who has the spark to change the system with our support – the Aam Aadmi Support.

But have you ever noticed the motive of Arvind Kejrival, he is being an IIT Graduate, could have earned lot of money had he joined a company in US or UK, But he did not do so, Many parties were trying the political games (especially Congress) with Arvind ji But he was determined & he will always be. He is the voice of those Indian people who are fed up of the fake promises done by political parties of India during the elections.

Arvind Kejrival is campaigning in New Delhi and wants to firstly sweep off the corruption, self-centered political parties, and inflation from the capital and then spread the happiness in whole India. BROOM (Jhaadu in Hindu) has been selected as the party symbol.

You know that during elections campaigning, the candidates spend crores of money in liquors and buying votes. Kejrival is on the other hand dependent on the people who want the ‘Right to Information Act’ to come into India and the nation actually becomes democratic.

Kejrival has developed his own strategy of selection of candidates for Aam Aadmi Party for the fair selection, which has three major DONT’S:

  1. Characterless
  2. Criminal
  3. Corrupted

If any of the selected 70 candidates, have any one of the above three ill qualities, his candidature will be cancelled immediately. Aam Aadmi Party website has already shared the list on its official website for open comments of the people.

So, guys! If you are inspired by my article, kindly make this Diwali special and help Aam Aadmi Party with every possible thing, which you can. It can be cash, your mobile, your laptop, projector or anything. You can also become a volunteer for various events of Aam Aadmi Party.

I am an entrepreneur from small town Moga (Punjab) and still I am supporting this party because I want Arvind to win the Vidhansabha Elections Delhi. If he comes into power, you will yourself notice the change. Believe in him, Aam Aadmi Party and in yourself.

My appeal is to the people living in every part of the country whether you are from Kerala, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh or other state, you should support the party with best of your money (online or offline), and other resources. Be logical to choose the party in upcoming elections. Other than financial support, you can also be a part of spreading this message through likes and shares on Facebook and social media.

Convey the message of Mr. Arvind Kejrival by explaining his views to your knowns, relatives and friends. It is the time to get serious about our future when India is expected to be a big power someday.

So, guys if you are really worried about our nation then use the below links, with which you can support the party through money and other things:



You should also join Aam Aadmi Party Facebook page. Share your views and comments below.

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