Friends! You all must have experienced some posts going viral over the internet in few minutes. For instance, recently songs like Kolaveri Di, Gangnam Style got viral over YouTube which made records of getting huge YouTube hits. Similarly, more posts get viral.


The technology and proper marketing techniques are behind the viral nature of these things. So, a blogger can also take an inspiration and write some successful viral content posts which can spread over internet in very less time and thus benefiting the blog ultimately.

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How viral content benefits blog ?

So, guys! The viral content is very useful for a blog to nurture. If a post of your blogs gets viral on internet obviously you will get visitors, popularity, Your blog authority will increase and many more benefits.

Moreover, the number of visitors which will come to your post, will be increasing your earning obviously.

How to Get Viral Content Ideas For Blogging Success ?

Now since, the importance of the viral content for the blogging success is sensed;ย  it is the next question which is to be answered by me here. So lets start…

Start a Contest

Starting a contest gets viral soon.The content should be related to the niche of your blog and the prizes which are to be distributed should also be concerned to niche only so that your followers take interest in it.

Make an appeal in the contest to your readers to share, like, tweet the contest to more and more people to get more chances to win. Make sure, you should choose the prizes in such amount that could be refunded through the results of sharing.

Raise Your Voice

Raise your voice against the misnomers of the society, politics and other aspects of our lives. Political one is more prevalent in our country. Moreover, the effects could be seen in the West Asian nations, what people observe as the Arab Spring. Please make sure your raised topic does not affect anybody physically unlike the Arab Spring which has killed thousands of people.

In India, currently Arvind Kejriwal is leading by such successful efforts. Fight and raise voice through your blog post for a cause. Share it on relevant areas and it would get viral.

Give Tutorials

Giving tutorials means that you are easing the readers to go for a practical step-by-step approach for performing a simple task too which he/she does not know about. You should take screenshots of each and every step of the tutorial and publish them on your blog post.

Even videos can be made of such tutorials. The tutorials should be related to your blog and the followers. Suppose you are running a technology blog, then you should try and provide the tutorials of the tricky codes solutions or even simply installing a program on OS.

Expand Existing Viral Idea

Internet has lot of viral content available on daily basis. You should find the viral content which already in trends. Use Google Trends, WhatsApp, new channels or more such things which provide you content. After finding do a bit hard work on researching on the topic. Find a unique thing related to the content. Let be it a podcast, a picture, a video or even a GIF file, mingle it with your data, publish the post and go on the relevant websites and comment the links over there. People would then do the task for you.

Post trolls

The social media is very effective in making a post viral. The Facebook trolls are much famous. Post newer trolls of some personality and publish the article.

So, guys! There are more such ways to get your blog viral.If you have information about any of them, do tell us through the comments below. And also, if you see this post equally important, share us and make us viral ๐Ÿ™‚