Aam Aadmi Party has created history by winning with a huge number in Delhi Legislative Assembly elections 2013 which were held in late 2013 and the results were declared on 8 December, 2013. Various predictions were being made by the pre-polls about the results, but this AAM AADMI (Arvind Kejrival) proved his and his party’s worth by bagging 28 seats – second after 32 of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and Congress bagging only 8.


Now the scenario of the Delhi state is in interesting position as if none of the three major parties have got up to the mark of 36 (the minimum required number of seats to form government in Delhi Legislative assembly).

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I am writing this post in order to aware and to request Mr. Kejrival to not to make alliance with any of the other two parties. Let the re-elections to take place again in Delhi so that AAP wins with a majority this time. Since AAP is playing a crucial role in Delhi politics, Congress has already shown its concerns to make an alliance with AAP. BJP is also doing the same.

Mr. Kejrival is being pressurized by the Indian politics and if he will make an alliance, the party will lose the faith from the Indian people and it would be very harmful for the party for the 2014 Assembly Elections as party is already planning to fight elections in the upcoming elections.

Here are some reasons that AAP should not make alliance with any of the parties.

First reason is that Congress is a selfish party as the party officials had not valued the AAP during the campaigning season in Delhi and when the results came, the party offered its concern to Kejrival for a joint government. This shows that Congress has some purpose in doing so. Also, AAP is an honest party and Congress MLAs are just opposite to them – corrupt and manipulative. And a combined party will lead to later mismatches between opinions. Congress MLAs can be resistance to the works of AAP members in the combined government.

Secondly, Congress will not support Strong Lokpal Bill in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, which is the major objective of AAP. In the recently passed Lokpal Bill in both the houses of Indian legislative Assembly, the CBI is still dependent on the government and thus it is not completely the Lokpal Bill. It is clear that after the alliance is made; such issues will become diplomatic and thus will not be valued much.

Anna Hazare, the engine of the Lokpal Bill revolution, is being targeted by Congress and media in modern times and the relations of Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejrival are being explored in wrong senses. It seems like politics is inducing war between the two activists, who have differences in the ideologies but have same motto. So, their relations would be effected if the alliance is made.

Further, the questions arise on the media’s surveys as if they are showing that majority of people have opinion that AAP should form a combined government. Shouldn’t it happen if Congress uses these paid media channels to spread wrong survey details? Also, why congress is paying that much emphasis on making a combined government?

So, with an ending note, I value the AAP’s ideology and want that Kejrival should go for the re-elections as if party is doing well and they should trust the Delhi people who will definitely make them win in the re-elections. So, guys! What do you think on this matter? Discuss your ideas with us in the comments section below.

Note: This is my personal opinion on everything written above.

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